frequently ask question

What is e-commerce

E-commerce is an online shop. People nowadays tend to buy from online store. Especially after the pandemic covid-19.

How long it takes to finish website?

Within 30 days.. Usually for basic package we make it done in only 4 days as long as all of the website details have been provided.

What is payment gateway?

Toyyibpay payment gateway

What is landing page/squueze page/minisite?

Landing page, Squeeze page or Minisite are actually the same website. This website is intentionally created for people to buy on the spot after reading all the products or services details in a very long sentence. They usually already scripted using sales letter. All of the word using in this website usually using emergency sense of sentence.

sometime client use squeeze page only because they only want to get more database. To get the client’s database, they will offer some free item such as free tips, free e book and many more.

I want to customade website, can?

Yes, can can.

Just send me the domain and hosting login details.

What best package suitable for my business?

Click my whatsap link to get the full consultation. Its free !

Just click here 

Do you have facebook ads service?

Currently no. But then i can help copy pixel code in your website

Can i get discount?

For bundle website, yes i give discount.

I dont know how to manage website, can you help?

Client will be given video tutorial once website is ready and after payment balance is clear in our bank account. But then if client dont understand the video tutorial, we can help. Just helo us on whatsapp.